No silver lining for Bears

Charles Tillman got spun around by Michael Crabtree, lost his feet and was beaten for a touchdown. Tim Jennings took a bad angle and whiffed on Manningham for a 37-yard gain. And nickel back Kelvin Hayden lost Kyle Williams at the line of scrimmage, never caught up and was burned for a 57-yard play.

Defensive line

Grade: 1

It was a puzzling performance from the Bears defensive line. Aside from one sack split between Israel Idonije and Corey Wootton, the Bears pressured Colin Kaepernick only three times on 23 pass attempts.

The 49ers offensive line, ranked 32nd in the NFL in sacks per pass plays allowed, completely handled Julius Peppers and Henry Melton. Melton, who had been outstanding previously, played 38 snaps and didn't make a single tackle or assist.


Grade: 4

Brian Urlacher and Briggs were the best things the defense had going for it, but that's not saying much. Nick Roach made some decent contributions as well.

But the linebackers came up short on a number of occasions. On the Davis touchdown, Briggs was decleated by halfback Frank Gore on an inside blitz, and Urlacher was pancaked by fullback Will Tukuafu.

Offensive line

Grade: 0

The blockers lost every way you can lose. The offensive line never gave Jason Campbell or Matt Forte a chance.

Campbell never could step up in the pocket. Between sacks and hits, the 49ers put licks on him 16 times. It was amazing he could walk to the team bus.

The point of attack blocking was awful, and the backside blocking may have been worse. The linemen failed to sustain blocks and failed to finish.

J'Marcus Webb, Gabe Carimi and Chilo Rachal all struggled mightily.

Aldon Smith beat Webb for 21/2 sacks. All three plays were the result of power moves. How can a 258-pound man bull-rush a 333-pounder repeatedly? Poor blocking technique.

Carimi had the same issue, failing to anchor, getting high in his stance and losing his feet while being beaten for 31/2 sacks (a penalty wiped one of the out). Smith powered Carimi onto his rear end on one of the sacks. On another, Smith clubbed Carimi and then cut inside. And on the third, Ahmad Brooks turned on the outside speed.

In his return to San Francisco, Rachal was sloppy and failed to get proper positioning repeatedly. That was part of the reason he was called for holding three times (one of the penalties should have been on Roberto Garza, however).

Tight ends

Grade: 3