Pompei's NFL power rankings

21. Colts (25): The 2012 Colts already have won more games than the 2011 Colts. Unfortunately the 2012 Colts are not competing against the 2011 Colts.

22. Bengals (19): They will have two full weeks to stew about their three game losing streak — and see if they can't find out what has gone wrong.

23. Rams (20): They go from Aaron Rodgers last week to Tom Brady this week. At least Sam Bradford is getting an education.

24. Jets (21): The Jets lost a tough one Sunday, but at least they showed they can hang with the Patriots.

25. Titans (27): Chris Johnson is going to have to run for a lot of yards if the Titans' defense keeps playing this way.

26. Bills (23): They need to play mistake free offense because they are giving up more than 32 points per game.

27. Buccaneers (26): Like a lot of young teams, the Bucs still haven't mastered the little things that win games.

28. Raiders (28): Beating the Jaguars without Maurice Jones-Drew in overtime will not vault the Raiders to the top spot in the rankings.

29. Panthers: (29): Neither firing Marty Hurney nor getting down on Cam Newton is going to turn around the Panthers.

30. Browns (30): Unless Jimmy Haslam can rush the passer, he won't be able to help this team much this year.

31. Chiefs (31): Going to Brady Quinn is the right move for Romeo Crennell.

32. Jaguars (32): They lost in the Black Hole Sunday, but feel like they've been living in it all season.


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