Pompei's NFL power rankings

1. Giants (3 last week): Is there a better quarterback in the NFL in the final two minutes than Eli Manning?

2. Bears (6): They have the best defense in the NFL by a wide margin, and the offense isn't bad either.

3. Falcons (1): The offense is lighting up defenses, and it might be capable of improvement if the run game gets moving.

4. Texans (2): They look like kings of the AFC. But can they hang in there with NFC teams?

5. 49ers (5): The offensive team from the Canton Greats in Madden would have a hard time scoring on these guys.

6. Packers (7): Losing Charles Woodson could take the edge off this team, but they are rolling now.

7. Vikings (11): Did somebody say Adrian Peterson had an injury? Could have fooled me. And the Cardinals.

8. Ravens (4): This is still a really good team, it just played a really bad game. The Ravens will be back.

9. Seahawks (8): The Seahawks are starting to look like a physical, tough team that can make big plays.

10. Patriots (9): This team keeps performing below expectations, perhaps because as Tom Brady has suggested, they have spoiled us and our expectations are too high.

11. Broncos (13): The Broncos have the feel of a team that might be about to take off.

12. Redskins (10): They are 3-4 but it feels like they are a Super Bowl contender, all because of RGIII.

13. Steelers (16): Call them the Pittsburgh yo-yos. All they do is go up and down.

14. Cardinals (12): They were No. 1 based on the first four games; they might be No. 32 based on the last three.

15. Cowboys (22): The Cowboys have to kick it up a notch with the Giants, Falcons and Eagles next on their schedule.

16. Chargers (14): Take a chill pill, everyone. The Chargers still are 3-3, and a pretty talented team.

17. Saints (24): Jonathan Vilma and Joe Vitt are back. Maybe some of the Saints' mojo is back too.

18. Lions (15): The Lions are starting to look like underachievers, but it's still too soon to give up on them.

19. Eagles (17): Let's see if Michael Vick can get himself on track against his former team.

20. Dolphins (18): This team has become very interesting to watch, Lauren Tannehill aside.