Dan Pompei's NFL power rankings

20. Bills (19): If Mario Williams doesn't start picking it up, there are going to be a lot of 2013 free agents who suffer because, so far, Williams has been an argument against spending big money.

21. Jets (21): It may not be Tebow time yet, but it will be soon if the Jets continue down current path.

22. Rams (27): If they go as far as Greg "The Leg" Zuerlein takes them, they will go pretty far.

23. Chiefs (20): The sharks have begun to circle Matt Cassel. He needs to pick it up against the Ravens.

24. Buccaneers (22): Good news: Josh Freeman might be starting to click.

25. Panthers (23): They can make a great statement if they can bounce back from their crushing loss to the Falcons.

26. Dolphins (30): If Cameron Wake could play on both sides of the ball, the Dolphins could be a contender.

27. Raiders (25): Unless they figure out how to contain a premier quarterback, they have no chance.

28. Titans (26): At least Chris Johnson got rolling Sunday. But the Titans have bigger issues.

29. Jaguars (28): Their offense is a train wreck and their defense is struggling. Other than that, the Jags are OK.

30. Colts (29): Maybe they can win one for Chuck Pagano this week.

31. Saints (31): You might argue they deserve some credit for almost beating the Packers, but the Saints need to show they can win before they get any credit.

32. Browns (32): They keep getting close. Too bad for them this isn't horseshoes.