Cutler leads Bears where it counts

Cutler couldn't have been too upset about protection this time. Tice's game plan was partially responsible for keeping Cutler clean. The execution of the offensive line, tight ends and backs also was pretty good.

When Cutler was sacked and he fumbled in the third quarter, it appeared he held the ball too long.

Cutler actually praised Tice in his news conference.

"Mike did a great job of dialing plays up," he said. "It was the best rhythm we've had offensively in and out of the huddle all year in and out of the huddle."

Cutler's counterpart on the Cowboys had no rhythm this night, and Tony Romo was badly outplayed by Cutler. Romo was intercepted five times, though he had some tough luck.

Cutler was empathetic.

"I've thrown four," Cutler said. "I think I've thrown five before. It happens. He's been there, he's done it. He knows how to rebound. He'll come back next week and he'll play well."

Romo carried himself like the pro he is. But he didn't win.

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