Phil Rogers' MLB power rankings

21. Pirates (20): Organizational shake-up seems likely after reports that they've been putting prospects through Navy SEAL drills in Florida while the big-league ship was sinking. It's stunning that such a positive season is ending this badly.

22. Mets (25): R.A. Dickey has two more chances to win 20. Who isn't rooting for him?

23. Red Sox (24): Firing Bobby Valentine will be the easy part. Dale Sveum's preference for the Cubs last winter may show that Boston isn't the managerial destination it long has been.

24. Blue Jays (22): Team President Paul Beeston said it has been very painful to see teams like the Orioles and A's seize the moment while the Jays sunk in the standings after a 23-18 start.

25. Marlins (23): Owner Jeffrey Loria might have the only job that is truly safe.

26. Twins (28): Doubleheader sweep of the Tigers on Sunday shows why you should never bet on baseball.

27. Indians (29): They've got a chance to play spoiler. The key is whether their starting pitching gives them a chance.

28. Cubs (27): Two-out, ninth-inning homer by Darwin Barney on Friday only part of a season in which he likely entrenched himself alongside Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo as part of the infield to rebuild around.

29. Rockies (26): The schedule is always too long for some teams.

30. Astros (30): Bud Norris interests the Cubs, among other teams. He's a chip the Astros can afford to shop, but they might want to keep him another year, then see if they can extend him.