Cutler off the mark against Rams

Brian Urlacher has shown incremental improvement in each game. He's still not as quick or explosive as he probably will be, but it appears to be coming. And in the meantime, he's being productive, especially against the run.

Lance Briggs had an excellent game. He was reading well and hitting the hole hard. He even got his hands on a couple of passes.


Grade: 8

In addition to making the play of the game on a pick-six, Major Wright tackled well. He came up and took down running back Daryl Richardson in the open field. Wright hasn't always made the tackle in similar situations in the past.

The safeties helped take away the downfield throws. The Rams had only one pass of more than 15 yards all game.

If Tim Jennings didn't come up with his late interception, Chris Conte might have.


Grade: 9

Jennings seemed to know what was coming on every pass, and he played most of them about as well as possible. He created Wright's interception by tipping the ball, he picked off one of his own and he broke up another pass on fourth down.

D.J. Moore also played strong, contributing with excellent tackling and even putting the pressure on Sam Bradford on a blitz.

Special teams

Grade: 7

This was a solid performance from the special teams. Devin Hester is returning the ball well. He was close to breaking a couple Sunday.

Robbie Gould hit a 54-yard field goal and Adam Podlesh punted admirably.

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