Phil Rogers' MLB power rankings

21. Royals (22): With Wil Myers in the wings, they'll be working hard to offload Jeff Francoeur in the offseason.

22. Blue Jays (19): With Jose Bautista a medical casualty, Edwin Encarnacion emerges as a 40-home run hitter. Signing him to a three-year, $29 million extension in July looks like a very smart move.

23. Marlins (24): Will Jacob Turner haunt the Tigers, who traded him for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante?

24. Red Sox (26): Everyone seems to know Bobby Valentine isn't coming back except Valentine.

25. Mets (23): Horrible second half continues.

26. Rockies (25): Will they be able to sign free-agent pitchers? It's hard to imagine how they are going to address their pitching deficit.

27. Cubs (29): Alfonso Soriano could have been a difference-maker for a playoff team like the Rays or Tigers. It's hard to see why teams would trade for him in the offseason when they passed on him in July and August, unless a non-contender like the Padres, Marlins or Indians enters the picture.

28. Twins (28): They have less starting pitching than the Cubs, and that's saying something.

29. Indians (27): It's hard to believe Manny Acta can hold on to his job given the 11-37 record since July 26.

30. Astros (30): It's fun to imagine Larry Bowa as the manager of a team built around kids and run by statistical analysts.

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