Bennett's last-minute score produced an exhilarating if flawed victory instead of a maddening defeat.

The Bears almost squandered 249 kickoff return yards from Devin Hester, a single-game franchise record.

The 161 yards from scrimmage delivered by Matt Forte nearly went to waste too, with the running back coughing up a costly fourth-quarter fumble.

In all, four Bears turnovers gave the Vikings life. And an inability to corral rookie Cordarrelle Patterson on the opening kickoff led to a 105-yard dash and an early 7-0 deficit.

Yet while all those blunders will be studied and addressed in the coming days as the Bears ready for next week's trip to Pittsburgh, they'll mean less than the team's 2-0 record and growing unity.

Coach Marc Trestman believes he has found a mature group with an ability to ability to handle adversity and pressure.

That surfaced in Week 2.

"They've made the decision that they're just going to play the next play the best they can and see what happens at the end," Trestman said.

What happened at the end Sunday provided a soothing finish to a nerve-testing day.

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