Bears passing can put Packers on defensive

And he has been at his worst in Lambeau Field. Cutler's rating in two games there is 40.1. He has been intercepted more times in Green Bay, six, than in any other city other than Denver and Chicago.

Conversely, Aaron Rodgers has a 98 passer rating against the Bears and has thrown five fewer interceptions than Cutler in two more games. Rodgers has had some off games against the Bears but last season threw for eight touchdowns and one interception against them in two games.

If the Bears are going to overtake the Packers, they must reverse this trend.

Numbers games: Old story

We know the Bears defense is starting to show some gray. The starters from opening day have an average age of nearly 29.

Five of them are on the wrong side of 30, and Matt Toeaina leaves his 20s on Oct. 9.

But the numbers say it isn't just the Bears defense that is old. It's the whole team.

The Bears have the seventh-oldest roster in the league, according to STATS. Their average age as of last week was 27 years, 67 days.

By comparison, the Packers have the sixth-youngest roster at 26 years, 73 days.

The oldest team in the league, interestingly enough, is the Lions, at 27 years, 326 days.

And here is a quirk: The Bears' offensive players (starters plus reserves) are older than their defensive players (starters plus reserves).

The offense averages 27 years, 200 days. That gives the Bears the third oldest in the league.

The defense averages 26 years, 300 days. That puts them at 11th oldest in the NFL.

Front-office chess: Tackle help

The Bears have been looking for an offensive tackle since early in the offseason. They landed one Monday when they signed Jonathan Scott.

With 28 starts and six years of NFL experience, Scott falls in line with the type of veteran backup Phil Emery likes (see Chilo Rachal, Geno Hayes and Kelvin Hayden).

Best case scenario: Scott becomes the quality swing player who backs up both left and right tackle, maybe even pushing a starter if the starter struggles.

If Scott comes on, it will enable Chris Williams to concentrate on guard, a position for which he likely is better suited.

Scott is 6-foot-6, 330 pounds with good length. He played well for the Steelers last year and was signed in the offseason by the Lions, who drafted him in the fifth round in 2006.

He injured his knee in camp, was placed on injured reserve and then cut. The knee does not appear to be a problem now.

Just to be sure, though, the Bears waited until after the first game to sign him, undoubtedly so they would not have to guarantee his salary for the entire year.