Dan Pompei's NFL power rankings

20. Buccaneers (22): Who knew the Bucs could play defense like they did Sunday?

21. Panthers (17): They can blame it on the Democrats, who took over the Panthers' stadium and forced them to train in Florida the week before the game.

22. Raiders (18): You can have elite playmakers at various positions, but if you don't have a healthy, able long snapper you still can't win.

23. Titans (19): There is no shame in losing to the Patriots. But there is shame in losing 34-13.

24. Vikings (29): Welcome back, Adrian Peterson. The Vikings shouldn't be pushovers with him in the lineup.

25. Cardinals (26): They have won eight of their last 10. Reality introduces itself to the Cardinals on Sunday in New England.

26. Seahawks (23): If they could not beat the Cardinals, how can they beat the Cowboys and Packers? This team could be headed for 0-3.

27. Rams (28): They scored their first moral victory in what may be a season of many.

28. Browns (31): They were close against the Eagles, but the sport they are playing is not horseshoes.

29. Colts (24): They will be better in November than September if they stay healthy.

30. Jaguars (30): They found a way to lose in Minnesota, and they have to make sure that does not become habitual.

31. Bills (27): Based on the first game, it's going to be a long, cold winter in Buffalo.

32. Dolphins (32): Nowhere to go but up for the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill.


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