Relax, Bears GM has a plan

The one linebacker who might be worthy of the 20th pick from a talent standpoint appears to be Alec Ogletree of Georgia, but he has had a string of off-the-field issues. Emery did not want to talk about those as they related to his draft stock.

It may be possible that Emery would be more comfortable taking Ogletree with, say, an early second-round pick than he would the 20th pick.

Emery continues to explore trade down scenarios. "We've already had a couple of teams approach us," he said. "I've approached a couple during owners meetings. … It doesn't get serious until you get close to the pick. … It gets real serious when you're on the clock."

The Bears can't drop too far back if they want to end up with one of the three or four players Emery likes in a trade down. But a contingency in which they drop further and don't end up with one of those players also is part of his plan.

"I'll go as far back as I feel we're getting a good deal," Emery said. "If someone is going to wow us at, I'll just throw an arbitrary number, 34, and we feel that's going to bring tremendous value to us and help upgrade our club significantly, we'll go there."

Emery already has a pretty good idea of what the Bears will do in any scenario. He said the more experience he has the more he realizes the importance of having "The Draft Plan" committed so "rash emotional decisions" are avoided.

"It all needs to be thoroughly discussed, and it needs to get down on paper," he said. "It's a plan on paper. It's a little bit in pencil and you have to adjust as you go. You have to have a little flexibility. But the planning process is far more important than the day of the draft."

A lot more of the plan will be revealed in eight days.

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