MLB power rankings

21. Pirates: Don't rule out a winning season behind Andrew McCutchen, who is a viable MVP candidate.

22. Mariners: Scouts mention the Mariners as a possible surprise team, pointing to an improved lineup.

23. Rockies: Walt Weiss coached a high school team last year. There will be a learning curve.

24. Mets: The highlight of the season will be when Travis d'Arnaud arrives from the minors to become the regular catcher.

25. Red Sox: Ryan Dempster arrives in a wave of nonimpact free agents designed to disguise how far this team is from contending again.

26. Cubs: Will there be any takers for Alfonso Soriano or Carlos Marmol?

27. Padres: Upward mobility when Chase Headley returns from a broken thumb.

28. Twins: With a healthy Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, they'll be a lot tougher to play in 2013.

29. Marlins: When Giancarlo Stanton is the old man, something's wrong.

30. Astros: Who will be the RBI leader, and with how many? Chris Carter? Sixty-five?