Five on Five: Goooaaal!

1. Make a prediction for the Bulls' season.
Chris Rolfe: I've been away from hoops for a while. They'll be all right.
Tracy Swartz: Let's put on our Rose-colored glasses, shall we?
Soxman: Candy corn. It may not be a favorite, but it's always among the last to go.
Brad Zibung: It'll happen.
Julie DiCaro: Rose returns in December. LeBron continues to annoy.
2. What's Derrick Rose thinking as the NBA regular season tips off this week?
Chris Rolfe: He's frustrated. It's tough to miss a home opener.
Tracy Swartz: "I'm tearing up."
Soxman: "Trick or treat we won't be beat; you can't see me in a courtside seat."
Brad Zibung: "I will work harder."
Julie DiCaro: To quote Spaulding Smails, "Rat Farts."
3. Fill in the blank: The Fire will win the MLS Cup if ____ .
Chris Rolfe: Sean Johnson gets shutouts.
Tracy Swartz: They get renewed for another season.
Soxman: They are dynamo over Houston and take Pause until the finals.
Brad Zibung: They win all their playoff games.
Julie DiCaro: They add "Sporting," "Real" or "FC" to their name.
4. Chris Rolfe led the Fire in goals this season. What's he get?
Chris Rolfe: A couple of hugs and some high-fives should do the trick.
Tracy Swartz: A hot dog in honor of his namesake.
Soxman: Tickets to RedEye 10? It's going to be hotter than the great Chicago Fire of 1871!
Brad Zibung: Probably a lot of girls.
Julie DiCaro: The designation of my favorite blond in the MLS. Including you-know-who.
5. Instead of booing, what should Bears fans do when the offense struggles?
Chris Rolfe: Play a sad trombone.
Tracy Swartz: Offer support. Child support.
Soxman: In the spirit of Halloween, instead of BOOING how about CURSING, a la Jay Cutler?
Brad Zibung: Flash back to the Cade McNown era and remember how much worse it could be.
Julie DiCaro: The Hokey Pokey? The Macarena? I don't know -- ask Jay what he prefers.
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