Whether you are going to the fest or at home with FOMO, we got you covered.


1. If the Hawks make history against the Canucks, Guts McTavish will ...
Clark Jones: ... tell us his real name, and spin some of this yarn into gold.
Frank Holland: ... drink beer, eat fries with mayo and say "eh" like he would any other day.
Guts McTavish: ... run naked down the busiest street in Chicago. It's OK. I was born without a unit.
John Dooley: ... adhere to Canucks fan regulations by rioting for the next six hours.
Angi Taylor: ... learn how to grow a real 'stache from Joel Quenneville.
2. How are the Blackhawks blocking so many pucks this season?
Clark Jones: They're pretending it's traffic when the president is in town.
Frank Holland: Two words! Ray Emery. People say we look alike, so I got love for him!
Guts McTavish: Hopefully some are being stopped by Duncan Keith's teeth. Puppets have long memories. (No unit though.)
John Dooley: Spent offseason in Springfield; massive research done on how to make sure nothing gets through.
Angi Taylor: Duncan Keith announced how much the tooth fairy pays out post-lockout.
3. What's the Bulls' top priority in the second half of the season?
Clark Jones: Car service for D-Rose to the United Center.
Frank Holland: A trade that would motivate D-Rose to come back. That Bargnani deal seemed legit ...
Guts McTavish: To hit the century mark before Betty White does?
John Dooley: Minimizing following sentence: "And starting at center, the man in the middle, NAZR MOHAMMED!"
Angi Taylor: Since D-Rose probably won't be back ... look forward to next year.
4. What did President Obama say to Tiger Woods during their round of golf?
Clark Jones: "Just curious, why did you leave your full name on those voice mails?"
Frank Holland: "Just golf." (I'm admittedly scared to say the wrong thing here.)
Guts McTavish: "So did Duffy Waldorf ever get any tail?"
John Dooley: "Can you take the G-20 summit? Putin is so annoying, and I SWEAR I won't touch your clubs."
Angi Taylor: "Winner pays off the national debt."
5. If not broadcasting, what will Paul Konerko do when he retires?
Clark Jones: Just go to U.S. Cellular Field and enjoy a game with the other two people.
Frank Holland: Pottery. I seem him with a kiln for some reason.
Guts McTavish: Participate in "Survivor" and help all us baseball purists forget about Jeff Kent's prime-time swing and a miss.
John Dooley: Create the now-required, awful-tasting White Sox first baseman retiree brand of beer.
Angi Taylor: Co-write a book with Paris Hilton: "Getting Hit in the Face With Balls, and Other Life Lessons."
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