Like Mike

1. More in-conference Big Ten football games means ...
Tracy Swartz: ... more questionable conference calls. Legends? Leaders?
Julie DiCaro: ... more things for me to ignore until college basketball season starts.
Soxman: ... more geographic rivalries. In MLB, look how well it works for the Sox and Royals!
Brad Zibung: In the name of Pope Ray Lewis, please no!
Ernest Wilkins: ... more opportunities for road trips and reckless behavior! Bang bang!
2. What's the best part about seven straight Blackhawks home games?
Tracy Swartz: Chicago stands United. There's no place like dome.
Julie DiCaro: I can make it through at least the beginning of the third period before I fall asleep.
Soxman: Well if going 17-0-2 isn't hot enough, it also means seven nights of Ice Girls.
Brad Zibung: Seven straight mornings of "flu-like symptoms" at work for most Chicagoans.
Ernest Wilkins: They might not lose until June now!
3. What should Mike Tyson add to the Chicago stop of his one-man show?
Tracy Swartz: A knockout. Give the audience something nice to look at.
Julie DiCaro: The missing piece of Evander Holyfield's ear.
Soxman: Not sure, but I'm told he's all ears and chomping at the bit for ideas.
Brad Zibung: A customer-friendly refund policy.
Ernest Wilkins: A visit to the RedEye offices? Come on, Iron Mike!
4. Why are the Celtics thriving without Rajon Rondo?
Tracy Swartz: He's from Loseville.
Julie DiCaro: They no longer have to deal with the reflection of Rondo's enormous fivehead.
Soxman: In my New Orleans Mardi Gras voice: "The team is just better Rondo cha think?"
Brad Zibung: No clue. I was watching TNT and listening to Shaq try to explain it but I couldn't understand a word he said.
Ernest Wilkins: Because they took notes from the Bulls playbook. Rondo vs. Rose in the playoffs again, baby!
5. Who said this: "I'm going to make people want me"?
Tracy Swartz: A Cubs player up to his Cheap Tricks again.
Julie DiCaro: I'm torn between guessing Matt Garza and guessing Cheap Trick.
Soxman: Taylor Swift in her follow-up to the hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."
Brad Zibung: Matt Garza. I Googled it and found out in less than a second. You guys should hire better researchers.
Ernest Wilkins: Me in second grade. It was a weird time in my life, trust me.
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