Crawford's super summer

If you could switch lives with anyone right now, you'd probably pick Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford. All he's done the past few months is get engaged, win the Stanley Cup, sign a huge new contract and train with Team Canada.

Throughout the 2013 playoffs, Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford saw his share of criticism. And he stood up to everything, including every opponent's best shots.

"I go out there to stop everything. The goal is the end and my job is to worry about the next one," he said. "I think that's how I'm able to forget about the goal or whatever happened right away."

Even so, there's no forgetting what happened this summer. This is just the tip of the iceberg:

June 2

Gets his captain's back, grabbing the head of an L.A. Kings player who took a few shots at Jonathan Toews in a skirmish.


June 12

Working (triple) overtime: Stops 51 of 54 shots in a marathon win over Boston in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.


June 28

"[Bleepin'] right, Chicago!": Delivers now-famous speech at the Hawks' Stanley Cup rally at Grant Park.


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