Fantasy Fix: What to do with 3 falling stars

A first-round pick in fantasy football is always expected to pay big dividends. This year a few marquee players are flat-out failing. If you have Ray Rice, Trent Richardson or Matt Ryan, you are probably scratching your head and asking yourself what should you do.


Ray Rice was a top-five pick at the beginning of the season. Today, he's someone you might consider dropping or playing only when the matchups seem favorable. I think Rice is still limited from a hip injury that caused him to miss a couple of games early in the season, which might be causing some of his problems.

What to do: I don't recommend cutting Rice; I think he is a matchup play. One matchup that should pay off for owners is this week against the Bears' weak run defense. The rest of the schedule also looks good with the exception of the Jets matchup, as they have a great defense.


Matt Ryan with Julio Jones a great fantasy quarterback. Ryan has too many interceptions and not enough touchdowns. Ryan has only two viable weapons right now in Tony Gonzalez and Harry Douglas.

What to do: Ryan is strictly a matchup play. The matchups that look somewhat favorable are against Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Green Bay and Washington. However, even with the favorable matchups I would play Ryan only in an emergency.


In doing my draft analysis, Trent Richardson was someone I really thought was going to have a big year. I was wrong. The only justification I can still give for Richardson being great is when the season started, he was with Cleveland and is now in Indianapolis. Richardson is slow to hit the holes and looks confused in passing situations out of the backfield.

What to do: Richardson's value the rest of the way is slim to none. Therefore, I would strongly suggest dropping Richardson and trying to get him as sleeper next year.

RedEye special contributor Dan Richman hosted a fantasy football show on 670-AM for years. @danrichmanffl

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