Hoops phenom can't survive without Steve Urkel

Every college student has a list of things to take with them to remind themselves of home. RedEye asked hoops phenom Jabari Parker for his five must-have items.

1. Bible

"I have to take my Bible with me. I read it on every trip I take and it just helps to keep me centered and focused."

2. Simeon memorabilia

"I'm going to take a couple pairs of shoes I wore at Simeon and also my practice shorts, just as a reminder of where I came from."

3. Air Jordan III's

"These are old school. Like, my favorite pair of Jordans of all time."

4. "American Gangster" soundtrack

"That album right there is a classic. Jay-Z is one of my favorite artists."

5. DVDs of "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Family Matters"

"Those are my two favorite television shows. Every time I watch them, they make me laugh."

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