Blackhawks assemble! Casting Kostka and Co. as Avengers

He may have been the only Thor sporting a boot on Halloween, but there is no arguing Blackhawks defenseman Michael Kostka's uncanny resemblance to the God of Thunder—the Marvel version, anyway.

"I think that started maybe [the] beginning of last year [in Toronto]," he said. "A few people said it to me on the street. Now it's kind of funny. I think I get recognized more for the guy who looks like him than a professional hockey player."

Kostka, who is out with a lower body injury, had been a good fit for the Hawks prior to being sidelined (one goal in two games played). With "Thor: The Dark World" hitting theaters Friday, RedEye took the liberty of matching Kostka's teammates with the Avenger who best suits them. You know, in case an alien attack or other large-scale catastrophe heads for Chicago.


Defenseman Michael Kostka (duh, just look at him).

Captain America

Forward Ben Smith has already passed the audition. "I think Ben Smith was Captain America last year [for Halloween]," Kostka said. "I think he'd play that quite well." And like Marvel Comics' Captain, Smith is strong (especially on his skates), and reliable in any situation.

Iron Man

Like the superhero, center Jonathan Toews is as solid as they come. His Selke Trophy win last season proved he is one of the best two-way players in the game. In addition to his defensive capabilities, the captain is solid offensively; entering Wednesday he's tied with Patrick Kane for most points on the team (13). Toews can also dress to impress, much like Tony Stark.


Much like Hawkeye's bow and arrow, forward Patrick Kane's stick is dangerously accurate. The sharpshooter leads the team in goals (eight) and won the Windy City a Stanley Cup with an overtime tally in 2010. This superhero on skates also won the Conn Smythe Trophy for postseason MVP in the 2013 Cup run.

The Hulk

Though he's becoming more of an offensive contributor this season (two goals, two assists), you still won't like forward Brandon Bollig when he's angry. Fans saw this side of him Oct. 17 when he took exception to a hit St. Louis' Roman Polak put on the Hawks' Marcus Kruger. When necessary, Bollig will Hulk-out and defend his teammates.

Scott King is a RedEye special contributor.

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