BAKO: I remember [Farnsworth] being pretty quiet and ready to go. I remember him being like, "Just get back there. I'm ready to pitch." Not verbalizing that, but he came to the mound ready for business, and was ready to take care of business.

Mike Lowell, runners at 2nd and 3rd, one out, 3-3 tie.

4 pitches: intentional walk.

Jeff Conine, bases loaded, one out, 3-3 tie.

1 pitch: sacrifice fly to left field, Cabrera scores, runners advance.

With runners at second and third, Farnsworth's first order of business was to intentionally walk Mike Lowell. On Farnsworth's first real pitch of the inning, Jeff Conine hit a sacrifice fly to left field to score Cabrera. The runners advanced to second and third, and the Marlins had their first lead of the game.

Todd Hollandsworth, runners at 2nd and 3rd, two outs, 4-3 Marlins.

4 pitches: intentional walk.

Mike Mordecai, bases loaded, two outs, 4-3 Marlins.

4 pitches: Ball (1-0). Called strike (1-1). Ball (2-1). Double to left, three runs score.

Todd Hollandworth pinch hit for the pitcher, Chad Fox, and with first base open, Farnsworth intentionally walked Hollandsworth. This brought Mike Mordecai to the plate for the second time in the inning.

BAKO: It's a tough position there for Farnsy to come in. He throws one pitch to Conine, right? And all of a sudden it's a 4-3 lead for the Marlins. And we walk Hollandsworth and bring up Mordecai.

Mordecai was just a really good fastball hitter. We were trying to get ahead with something off-speed, and it didn't work. He ended up getting a hitter's count with the bases loaded, where we had to come at him with a fastball, and he made us pay.

Mordecai hit a bases-clearing double to boost the Florida lead to 7-3.

BAKO: After Mordecai hit that ball, that double, I remember standing at home plate and the only thing I could hear in the whole stadium was the Marlins' voices in their dugout celebrating. I'm not exaggerating. I couldn't hear anything else other than their voices. 12, 15 minutes before that, you couldn't hear yourself think, just because of the energy and enthusiasm. (Sighs.) It was the definition of a 180. It was just crazy, crazy, eerily quiet after that hit.

Baker made one more pitching change, bringing in the left-hander Mike Remlinger to face the left-handed Pierre. Pierre singled to score Mordecai. The Cubs finally got out of the inning when Remlinger got Castillo to pop out to second base.

Juan Pierre, runner at 2nd, two outs, 7-3 Marlins.

1 pitch: single to right, Mordecai scores.

Luis Castillo, runner at 1st, two outs, 8-3 Marlins.

5 pitches: Foul (0-1). Ball (1-1). Ball (2-1). Swinging strike (2-2). Pop out to second.