It's awesome. It was tough to watch, but it was awesome.

They made a big point about how there was nobody warming up in the bullpen. Was that a concern at all or was that just the announcers talking and it's like "whatever."

I didn't even think about it. Prior was going to pitch the whole game, in my opinion.

The Bartman play didn't even concern me. At the time it happened, I saw—you know, everybody kind of gets to the top step [of the dugout] and looks out. We were kind of blinded by it. We were blocked off. So we didn't really see. I just saw Moises going crazy in left, so I'm thinking, "Gosh darnit, you could have caught that ball."

But it didn't even concern me. He wasn't even the tying run. It was like "OK, they'll just get him out." At the time, I saw Moises' reaction and I was like, "Oh crap, he could have caught that ball. That would have been a big out." But Prior's still dominating, and he'll get Castillo out. I'm not worried about it. When I really started to worry was when Alex [Gonzalez] made that error.

You know, people don't focus on that because they want to focus on something else, some higher being having a factor in the game, and Bartman was the fall guy for all that. But if we play clean baseball we win the game. That's all there is to it. He was as sure-handed as you get that year. I don't know how many errors he had but he was very solid as a shortstop. He wasn't a guy who was prone to making errors.

He was more than solid. I think he led the National League in fielding that season.

I can find out. Let's see… [Estes looks up Gonzalez's numbers] Alex only made 10 errors in 625 chances. Yeah.

Right, amazing.

So Castillo singles?

No. Castillo walks, and it's a wild pitch, and Pierre takes third base, and it's first and third with one out.

And Castillo's at first.

Castillo's at first. Ivan Rodriguez singles to score …

To score Pierre. So first and second.

First and second, 3-1 Cubs …

One out.

One out. And then Miguel Cabrera grounds into what should have been the inning-ending double play.

That's right, Cabrera. I was trying to remember who hit the ball to Alex Gonzalez. [Pauses.] So that's the inning. It's over. 3-1 going into the bottom of the ninth.

Yeah. So then bases loaded and Derrek Lee doubles to score two. And that's when the game is tied and Kyle Farnsworth comes in to replace Prior.

Yeah. Bases loaded one out. 3-3. And then all hell broke loose.