4. If the football gods placed Ndamukong Suh on your team with no added salary cap implications, would you take him? (For the Lions fan, Do you like Suh?)

CLAPP: Absolutely. While Ndamukong Suh is an incredibly dirty football player (no matter what he tries to tell you), and may never "get it" on and off the field, his talent and abilities on the football field are undeniable.

FLAGG: Not if they paid us. Too many penalties, off-the-field issues and a "me-first" attitude. This is the exact opposite of what the Bears' organization stands for. Plus, Pepper is healthier than salt.

KIJAK: Yes. Suh is a perfect villain: loved by his home fans, great philanthropist, but vicious on the field. Chicago has a history of openly accepting stars with a murky reputation: Dennis Rodman, Daniel Carcillo, Joakim Noah, Jay Cutler. All he would have to do is play well and the city would embrace him 100 percent. Laying out Matt Stafford would help.

WILTFONG: Most definitely yes. He's a beast, and probably the most disruptive defensive tackle in the game today. It would be like Dennis Rodman being the biggest Bad Boy thug as a Piston, but as a Bull, he was loved for his hard-nosed play.

MACPHERSON: To be honest, a rookie Suh would be almost priceless to our defense and I would take him in a heartbeat. But it seems he has been let down in guidance since he entered the NFL and has been encouraged to play with the composure of a child. He is an all-time talent, but instead of watching his play we are just waiting for the next fine or suspension. I would pass right now especially as a lot of the veteran locker room presence has gone or likely gone soon.

PETER THE LIONS FAN: Yes I do. He's a great player. But the media has a witch-hunt on this guy and it's ridiculous. He gets cheap shots at his knees every single week. Nobody cares. He is not any dirtier than anybody else in the NFL but they need a story and/or a villian. I think the stomp incident was uncalled for and stupid even if that player was taking cheap shots at his knees the whole game. He never intentionally kicked Matt Schaub. The tackle from this season got way more attention than it deserved.

TONY THE PACKERS FAN: Yes. Suh is a phenomenal athlete. The Lions' lack of discipline starts with Jim Schwartz. I think Suh could have a much different reputation on a different team. He's a hell of an athlete.

G THE VIKINGS FAN: Hell yes! Everyone complains about nasty when it's being done TO them, but when nasty is on your side—well suddenly he's just a physical guy who plays a little after the whistle. Everyone wants someone nasty on their side, an enforcer, someone who the other team knows will retaliate if any funny business takes place.


5. Rank the fans of the other three NFC North teams 1-10 based on your distaste for them, 10 being the fan base you dislike most:

CLAPP: Lions 3, Packers 4, Vikings 7. I really don't hate any of these fan bases, believe it or not. I'm a Cubs fan, so I relate to Lions fans quite well. And I've yet to deal with a Lions fan that really bothered me.

FLAGG: Lions: 8 (Can't really hold too much against a franchise that hasn't won a playoff game since 1991). Vikings: 9. Packers: 100 (Where do I start …)

KIJAK: Lions 5, Packers 7, Vikings 10

WILTFONG JR.: Packers 6, Vikings 6, Lions 8

MACPHERSON: Lions 3, Vikings 3, Packers 10

PETER THE LIONS FAN: I have friends who fall into each of these categories. And they're all cool people who I like. I really can't say a bad thing about any of them. Now, that being said, Bears fans are the loudest, drunkest, rudest people in any sport anywhere. But they seem to be proud of that so I don't think that's an insult.

TONY THE PACKERS FAN: Lions 4, Bears 7, Vikings 10.

G THE VIKINGS FAN: I have a lot family from Michigan. I was born there, so I empathize with their situation. After all, if you cheer for the Lions it means you live in or near Detroit! Haha. I would give them a 5. Bears fans are an 8. Packers fans are a 10. They've experienced too much success and are delusionally annoying.

Jack M. Silverstein is a RedEye special contributor. @readjack

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