Yep, it's almost over.

No, not the Bears' season. Only the most pessimistic fan would fear the worst from a 3-0 team.

Rather, "Breaking Bad" has just one more episode remaining to incinerate our nerves before its five-season run ends Sept. 29. And if you were watching Walter White—er, Bryan Cranston—and friends Sunday instead of tuning in to Bears-Pittsburgh, we understand.

So to fill in the gaps, we've matched up the key players from Sunday's game with their "Breaking Bad" counterparts:

Walter White: The undisputed star of the show.

Hank Schrader: Single-minded, almost to a fault.

Skyler White: Hard to like but gets the job done.

Jesse Pinkman: Well, he gets beat up a lot.



Walter: Matt Forte, hands down. Not long after he punched it in from 5 yards out for a touchdown, the Bears’ do-it-all running back exploded for a 55-yard run, setting up another Bears TD.

Hank: D.J. Williams was glued to Ben Roethlisberger. The Bears linebacker stripped the Steelers quarterback early in the quarter and planted him into the turf for the sack to end it.

Skyler: OK, so coach Marc Trestman was unsuccessful in his first-quarter challenge. He still had the guts to go for it on fourth-and-goal, and his offense rewarded him with a 17-0 lead.

Jesse: Poor Pittsburgh offense. The home crowd went "nuts" after the Steelers mustered a rarely-seen first down on its first play from scrimmage. Harsh. And well-deserved, especially considering Roethlisberger fumbled two plays later.

Score: Bears 17, Steelers 0



Walter: Major Wright picked off a Steelers pass early in the quarter and, you guessed it, turned it into a Bears score. Just as it should be.

Hank: The Bears just keep feeding Forte the rock. He finished the half with nine rushes and three receptions. If it ain’t broke …

Skyler: Say what you will about Roethlisberger and his off-field issues, he’s a beast on the field. He shook off that pick-six to throw a TD to Antonio Brown, making the Steelers less desperate for the time being.