Bargoers' Guide to College Football: Vol. 2

We are three weeks into the college football season and things are going as planned—sort of.

Johnny Football continues to play the role of the ultimate high-flying heel, Lane Kiffin's hot seat at USC is scorching thanks to an inept offense and losing to lowly Washington State, and the ACC is flexing its muscles by winning two high-profile games over the SEC.

It's time for everyone to overreact and say the SEC is no longer the top conference. Hold your horses, Batman.

The SEC has five legitimate national title contenders: Alabama, Texas A&M, LSU, Georgia and South Carolina. No other conference can claim that. Yeah, Georgia and South Carolina have losses already, but five of the last seven national champions have had a loss, and in 2007 LSU won it all with two losses.

Now that I've dropped a little knowledge, let's get you ready for Week 3. I don't want you going to bars and talking like the Texas Longhorns defense performed last week against BYU (they gave up 550 yards rushing). Here's what you need to know.

>> Let's start with the newest college football phenom, quarterback Jameis Winston of Florida State. The Seminoles won't be tested against Nevada, and that means Winston should have another monster game. Jump on this bandwagon before it's too late.

>> The Illinois Fighting Illini are 2-0 thanks to an upset over Cincinnati. They host Washington at Soldier Field, and the Huskies should be on your radar. They've got a stud QB-RB combo in Keith Price and Bishop Sankey. While us local folk will be rooting for the Illini to keep this win streak going, Washington could make noise in the Pac-12.

>> UCLA and Nebraska play one of the two games this week featuring two top-25 teams. Last year UCLA shred the Huskers defense for 653 yards, the second most yards surrendered in Nebraska history. This game will have lots of offense led by the quarterbacks, Brett Hundley of UCLA and Taylor Martinez of Nebraska. While this game may look as unappealing as high-waisted jean shorts, give it a watch and enjoy the lack of defense.

>> Wisconsin has started the season 2-0 thanks to playing two cupcake games. The Badgers face an Arizona State team that is 1-0 thanks to playing one cupcake game. Essentially both teams played the computer on "Madden" on rookie mode. Neither team has given up a point this season, but frankly that doesn't mean a thing. Arizona State isn't anything special but isn't exactly a pushover either. Heading west is never easy and this Badgers defense will be tested by a Sun Devils squad that can put points on the board.

>> I almost forgot about Alabama at Texas A&M. I wish someone in the media would have given this more coverage.

This is one of those "Game of the Century"-type matchups, which is evident by the average ticket price: a staggering $843. That's a lot of autograph signings.

Alabama is coming off a bye week and has revenge on its mind. Texas A&M handed the Crimson Tide their only loss last season. In the offseason, Alabama had last year's game playing on every TV in the weight room and had the A&M logo on the weight stations. Good luck with that, Texas A&M.

With an Aggies victory, Johnny Manziel will have the ability to print money and the Internet might break. If A&M loses, expect the haters to be out in full force.

Win or lose, we'll be talking about Johnny Football next week.

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