"Everything I do is on paper," he said. "No other scorekeepers use anything digital to keep score. Paper is still the preferred method. "I have saved all my scorebooks over the years and they are stacked at my house going back into 1987. When I go home I copy all the stats into my own book."

Rosenberg also can be the one who stands in the way of a pitcher's perfect game or a player's hit streak. With that kind of power comes an occasional difference of opinion.

"I've had coaches speak their mind on rulings I've made before," he said. "It's an interesting discussion."

White Sox Pride Crew

"Can I have a T-shirt?"

That's the No. 1 question asked of Pride Crew members as they make their way around the ballpark. They have heard every reason in the book, from "this is my first game" to "my birthday is this week."

The crew is constantly on the move and has little time to watch the game. They meet a lot of different people every game and are always looking for people to participate in promotions.

"There's 32 pride members, and during weekday games there are 12 people working," crew member Christa Kucik said. "On Sunday games there are 20-plus people working because it's family day and plenty of kids' activities [are] taking place."

Pssst. The crew has an insider tip: If you want to be picked for a promotion, arrive early.

"When the gates open, we will go out through the ballpark and look for certain ages depending on the promotion," crew member Mitch Mangoba said. "We usually pick them way before the game starts and explain things."

Ted Gruber is a RedEye special contributor.

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