Cubs: 36.5

Year One! Things are on the up, right? Well, if "on the up" includes 91 losses, maybe.

Sox: 39.5

The final year of Ozzie Guillen isn't quite the disaster of Baylor or Baker or Piniella. So that's good.



Cubs: 28.5

The lowest ranked season on the Chicago Baseball Happiness Scale. It can only get better, right?

Sox: 51.5

Year One (of Robin Ventura)! Sox give their fans a thrill by winning a surprising 85 games.



Cubs: 20 (on pace for 35.5)

Like the stadium where they play, the 2013 Cubs are under construction. Oh, and Carlos Marmol’s gone, meaning yet another Great Cub of the Future has become a Cub of the past.

Sox: 19.5 (on pace for 33.5)

After a surprising 2012, everything has gone wrong for the 2013 Sox. On pace for one of their worst all-time Happiness Scale score.

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