Sox: 36

Dull, lifeless season if not for Mark Buehrle's no-hitter.



Cubs: 73.5

The best Cubs team since 1984 was also the biggest heartbreaker of the bunch, because it wasn't even fun. Nothing compares to the shock and damage of this 97-win juggernaut getting cooked at home and failing to win a playoff game. Compared to '08, Bartman was a joy.

Sox: 62.5

A fantastic, under-the-radar season at the Cell, as the Sox win the last two games of the regular season plus a one-game playoff to win the division, then manage to do something their highly touted crosstown brethren couldn't do: win a playoff game.



Cubs: 43.5

Forever known as "The Milton Bradley Year."

Sox 41.5

Back under .500, but Buehrle's perfect game (and Dewayne Wise's catch) give Sox fans the city's best baseball moment of 2009.



Cubs: 37.5

The dream is dead. "It's gonna happen?" Maybe, but not with this ownership.

Sox: 48

Back above .500, but not much else to say.