Cubs: 45.5

The 2003 Cubs were like "Romeo and Juliet": tragedy tinged with nostalgia and love. The 2004 Cubs were like "Hamlet": tragedy tinged with recklessness and the blood of every major character.

Sox: 45.5

Year One of the Ozzie Guillen Show! This is about to get gooooood …



Cubs: 42.5

With Sosa now in Baltimore, the Cubs first post-Sammy season revolves round Derrek Lee, who won a batting title and competed for the Triple Crown.

Sox: 107.5

Easily the highest-rated team on the Happiness Scale, which makes sense since they, ya know, won the freakin' World Series. A true wire-to-wire club, the 2005 Sox won 99 games and then lost only once in the playoffs, sweeping the Houston Astros for Chicago's only World Series trophy since 1917. Don't Stop Believin'?! Damn straight.



Cubs: 30

The final year of Dusty Baker is a disaster of 96 losses.

Sox: 55

Definitely a letdown season, but rated well because their third-place division finish belies their 90 wins, and because they, ya know, won the freakin' World Series the year before.



Cubs: 58.5

Alfonso Soriano! Lou Piniella! The playoffs! Oh my! A fun, "here come the Cubs!" season that ended with a surprising first-round sweep.