It was like I took them to another city, and then I said, "Guess what? You're only 15, 20 minutes from home." That's when you know they're so caught up in the environment they're in that they don't even know there are other better things out there.

A lot of these problems occur because of inner anger, of watching people in your community getting things that you don't have, or things that you want to get. But the way you're going about getting them is threatening another person's life, or threatening your own life. So a lot of that has to do with just creating opportunities for these kids, jobs at an early age.

You ask a lot of these young black kids to go to school, and that's hard. Some of them will buy in, but a lot of them will say, "That's too much work." So job opportunities at an early age. That will put a good dent in things. Now they've got something to work for. Now they can think about some stuff they can get by going to work instead of saying "I'm going to risk my life today."

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"Bounce Back: The Ronnie Fields Story"

By Ryan Mayers & Thatcher Kamin

When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday

Where: Park Community Church, 1001 N. Crosby St.

Cost: $12. Tickets can be purchased at or at the door for $12. The film can also be downloaded at, with more information at Thursday's event will be hosted by WWE Superstar David Otunga.

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