2. Shaw taking a puck to the face, that last minute twenty seconds, and the epic time I'm going to have at the parade.


Julian Lapkus, 31, Evanston

1. I was at home in Evanston watching the game alone. Having a newborn doesn't exactly lend itself to watching the game on Division. It got pretty crazy outside - there was a car alarm that went off for a few minutes, followed by a dog barking, followed by another guy checking his car alarm. Seeing as how that woke my boy up, that's about as wild as I'd like it to be. That didn't stop me from yelling at the TV for those wild 17 seconds, though!

2. The streak and the multiple comebacks, from the Wings series to Game 6. An extremely resilient team.


Tapanga Lee, 34, far South Side

1. I was at work listening to the radio. When it reached the two-minute mark, I ran down to the break room to watch. It was just two other co-workers… when they won we were screaming so loud that people came in to see what was going on! It was truly an amazing night on the job!!

2. The main thing I remember about this season is the Hawks making the cover of Sports Illustrated with it saying, "The franchise that brought hockey back." To see the Hawks on that cover...words can't describe!


Pete McMurray, RedEye contributor

1. My house. I wanted to be focused, communicate with my seven brothers, and be there with my wife Sara & seven-year-old son Charlie, who are BIG Hawks fans. My son fell asleep, missed the 3rd, so we watched again the next morning. Amazing! And they won again on DVR!

2. March 12, 2013, Sports Illustrated Cover: "The Franchise that Brought Hockey Back." I immediately called my oldest Brother Ed Mic (who got the whole family into hockey years ago), and said, "We need to plan on getting playoff tickets. Start working your contacts NOW! We are going to win the Stanley Cup!"


Sue Naiden, 41, Lincoln Square

1. I was watching the game at home when the Hawks won. I screamed when the game-winning goal was made, and all of my dogs jumped up and started running around my apartment barking.

2. I will always remember being in the stands at the UC while Jim Cornelison belted out the National Anthem and the crowd roared. To then sit and watch three epic series was a dream come true.