Most memorable moment was after the game when we were ice side, and Crawford skated over. We started chanting MVP, MVP! The smile on his face was unforgettable!

2. When I look back I will remember how we always found a way to win! Games 6 and 7 of the Detroit series, and the cup Clincher, embody that to the fullest! And Game 2 vs. L.A.! But we owned that series! Haha.



Katie Kendall, 28, West Town

1. I was on the couch working. I was so tired and wasn't feeling well, so I sorta zoned out. It wasn't till the game-winning goal that I realized it. I heard a ruckus outside and walked out on the balcony. The girls across the street yelled woo at me and I waved. They woo'ed louder because I didn't woo back. I annoyed them with my lack of woo. It was all internal.

2. I need to start externally wooing.


Len Kendall, 29, West Town

1. I was in my office on Skype having a business meeting. Halfway through I heard loud cheers and fireworks outside. I knew the Hawks had won, and I had missed it.

2. How interested the Blackhawks got me to be in hockey in general. I look forward to watching more games next year and not just the playoffs.


Phil Kijak, 31, Lakeview

1. Dark Horse, Sheffield Avenue. Bickell scored and the place exploded. 17 seconds later Bolland scored and the place sounded like a jet engine. People everywhere, standing on chairs, bartenders throwing napkins in the air. It was sublime.

2. The 2013 team may go down as our best ever. Complete, deep, and full of characters who battled through the toughest playoffs in history to get the Cup.


Desirae Kirchmeier, 33, Streeterville

1. Division Ale House. Within seconds I was drenched in beer and champagne. The streets were a BLAST. I don't think there's a kitchen left in the city with tinfoil. People running around covered in tinfoil sculpted like Lord Stanley's cup, shirtless, pantless with various celebratory messages written on them in Sharpie. Huge props to the Chicago police department for dealing with us.