1. Amongst a handful of friends at my apartment, leading a mix of loud and disbelieving cheers 17 seconds apart.

2. The numbers 17 (as in seconds) and 24 (as in consecutive games without a loss).


Frank Holland, WGN anchor

1. I was asleep until the game-winning shot! My whole building erupted in cheers. Then I had to TRY and go back to bed.

2. I will think of their streak during the regular season and how clutch they were all year!


Katharina Holst, 29, Germany

1. I watched the game at home in Wiesbaden with my fellow EuroHawks girls. We slept before and got up at 2 am to watch it live.

To me, this was the perfect game to prove why hockey is so special. First period you thought, "Holy hell, this'll be tough!" Then you watch the game develop and all of a sudden everything changes within 17 seconds.

2. A team that despite all the negative talk during a lockout exceeded all expectations, played well under pressure, and proved they could overcome missing key players due to injuries during the season and have younger players step up. A team that managed to keep their cool and calm and come back from being behind, fight through frustrating games and keep the positive attitude to win it in the end! My team, my favorite players and the guys I will always cheer for, no matter if they succeed or not!


Nicole Imara, 35, Logan Square

1. I was at home watching the game with my son. A lot of commotion and gunshots in the background.

2. All of the super intense overtime games!


Ian Jacobson, 29, Roscoe Village

1. I was at TD Garden when the Hawks won the cup! With two minutes left Boston fans were chanting, "We want the Cup." By the end, we were saying, "We've got the Cup!"