1. I was at Vaughan's on Sheffield for the game. Got caught in the tsunami on the walk over. A wall of rain from the street to the clouds. It was super intense and I was DRENCHED. I was also wearing my classic American flag pants and camo. That's the getup I wore for the last two wins at Vaughan's and no way I was going to break the streak. The emotional swing from a probable Game 7 to overtime to a win in less than two minutes was insane with a collective atmosphere I wish could be bottled. Very rare, very special. Drinks flying everywhere, deafening cheers, hugs, high-fives… it was an instant party! All of Chicago celebrating as one. So cool. I'll never forget those few minutes. Impossible. Then we hit the streets …

2. The Stanley Cup is back in Chicago for two main reasons: depth & character. We all know who the stars of the club are and they played awesomely. At the same time, the Hawks' 3rd and 4th lines can compete with anyone in the league. They play with heart and passion, but most importantly they know their role and they know it well. This gave Coach Q the flexibility to switch up lines on the bench to get the best matchups on the ice. It helps Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews focus on what they do best.

The next is character and I think it reflects what this city is all about. They work hard, grind it out, and when (not if) they get their chance they strike. It must be very unsettling to play against a team as awesomely explosive as the Hawks. Their play isn't always pretty, but the character and cohesiveness of the squad kept my finger far far away from the panic button ALL YEAR. I'm so proud of the Chicago Blackhawks and the City of Chicago. It's a great win for 'Merica and the Dream.


Jason Garcia, 31, Wheeling

1. I'm currently at corporate training in, of all places, Lancaster, PA! I was at the hotel bar. When I first got there, they had multiple TV's and none of them had the game on! I had to ask the bartender three times to put the game on. The bar was loaded with townies and most of them were Flyers fans rooting for Boston. They were still salty from 2010. If it was any other team I'm sure they would not have been rooting for a rival east coast team.

With about five minutes left, some guys next to me said, "Looks like its going to Game 7." I sat there quietly, not believing that it was going to come down to one game, but the outlook was not good. When they scored the tying goal I went nuts and was pumped for overtime. Everyone was starring at me. 17 seconds later with the game-winner, I erupted and got the same reaction. This time everyone looked dumbfounded. Boy was I proud to be from Chicago.

2. I will most remember how much this team played team hockey. They bought into a system and believed in and trusted each other. The streak to start the year had me feelin' Stanley Cup all the way. What a playoff run by a well deserving team.


Curtis Shaw Flagg, 28, Belmont Gardens

1. I was running to my car after work to try and catch overtime. By the time I got in my car to turn it on, horns were honking all up Broadway and Belmont. I immediately drove to Wrigley before the "riot." Watched the streets fill like ants to a piece of food

2. I will remember excellence and perseverance. A team that fought to stay on top all the way to the end. And the birth of a dynasty....


Jimmy Greenfield, RedEye contributor

1. I was standing up way too close to the TV in my living room with four people I love inches away from me doing the exact same thing. We hugged each other fiercely, then my 6-year-old looked at the TV and cried out in horror, "I missed the celebration!" TiVo, I owe you one.

2. Emailing hopes, fears, and necessary links with my brother Bobby Greenfield and our friend, Chris Malcolm. Love those guys, love this team.


Tim "Sgt. Tibs" Hanrahan, 25, Lakeview