Mike Cho, 34, Wicker Park

1. I manage the Wicker Park Tavern, and we had a packed house. The final minute of the game, the entire crowd was losing it! When the clock expired, the house really erupted! Our staff sprayed confetti and champagne into the crowd. The North, Damen, and Milwaukee intersection filled up with dancing, cheering Blackhawks fans for about an hour. We had our windows open and we cranked Chelsea's Dagger on repeat! After a while, the cops told us to turn our music off because it was "inciting the riot."

2. When I look back on the 2013, labor-shortened Blackhawks season, I'll always remember how incredible our team was. From the 24-game NHL all-time record point streak, to winning the Presidents' Trophy, to coming back from a 3-1 series deficit to the hated Red Wings, and finally hitting two goals in the final minute and a half of the clinching game of the Stanley Cup Finals, I'll forever remember that the 2012-2013 Chicago Blackhawks were the best hockey team in the world, period.


Jesse Cohen, 29, Victoria, British Columbia

1. I just bought a projector and was streaming the game onto it through my laptop. It was fresh because I could watch while cooking dinner. I just finished eating, had my iTunes on shuffle and some old Do or Die Alpha & Omega came on. A minute later the Hawks had come back and won the Cup.

The first goal I just threw my fists in the air. The second goal was almost anti-climactic. I didn't want to turn the game off, so I watched the interviews. Honestly felt a little homesick, but also gave me another notch on my south-of-the-border bragging belt. Would've loved to party back home, but I can honestly say I was glad that there wasn't a constant stream of car horns blaring through my window.

2. Didn't realize that Patrick Kane was a redbeard. Also that buzzer beater game we watched in Pequod's was pretty dope. (Ed. note: the March 6 win over Colorado, capped off by Carcillo's game-winning goal.) Most of all though, I'll remember Toews's post-game interview talking about the ups and downs of the playoffs and saying something along the lines of: no matter how good you are you still have to earn it.


Bryan Crawford, RedEye contributor

1. I was sitting at home in the bed watching. When they scored the tying goal I was like, "YES!!" And then when they scored the winning goal like 30 seconds later I was like, "Holy, sh*t!! WTF just happened?!"

2. I'm not really a hockey fan like that and I didn't start watching until the Stanley Cup Finals this year (I watched none of the Stanley Cup Finals the last time the Blackhawks won). It's a really intense game, and I'll always the remember the 2013 Blackhawks for getting me into hockey.


Quin Crawford, 31, Wrigleyville

1. I was at The Green Lady on Lincoln. I went crazy in Wrigleyville in 2010 and took two days to recover! I needed to be realistic this year – having a fiance makes me more responsible!

2. I will remember the Blackhawks making the labor dispute an afterthought after the greatest start of all time. I will remember winning the first Presidents Cup in years. I will remember coming back from down 3-1 in the 2nd round to win in OT in Game 7 against Detroit! I will remember the last playoff series between Chicago & Detroit that we might see for a very long time. I will remember being in Boston when we clinched the Western Conference and trash-talking with all the Bruins fans. I will remember winning the Stanley Cup yet again!!!


Clay Estabrooke, 31, Lincoln Park