1. I was with a dozen or so of my friends (and several hundred happy strangers) at The Fifty/50 on Division. We were sitting upstairs at a big table littered with the remains of 60+ wings and nearly as many beers. When Bryan Bickell tied things up we immediately jumped out of our chairs and started high-fiving and hugging anyone we could find. Repeat that scene after Bolland's score but up the intensity by about tenfold. I got so excited, jumping up and down screaming, that I felt like a vein in my head was going to explode. Looking over the railing into the downstairs area of the bar people were already spraying bottles of champagne all over each other. It was a quite a scene.

2. The point streak that started it all and the unbelievable finish that ended it. Oh and Andrew Shaw's face. What an animal.

Despite being a shortened season, this year felt as complete as any other, with plenty of drama and so many memorable moments, games and stretches. We Blackhawks fans got absolutely spoiled with this team, these players and this season.


Ernie Scatton, 42, Oak Park

1. Home with my daughters Kayla (13) and Kaia (11) going absolutely apeshit in front of the TV. I hyperventilated I was screaming so much! My daughters were cheering but also looking at me very strangely. They have never seen me on championship night!

2. Heart, determination, and speed. They were never out of any game. They were the epitome of winners! Also the way the team liked each other. I've never seen an organization that seems like they care about each other so much. Simply amazing!


Jeanne Wrenn, 41, Rogers Park

1. We were jumping up and own on our couch with our rescue dog Brandon Saad, screaming and barking at the top of all of our lungs.

2. The unrelenting streak of 24 wins. The never-say-die heart, determination and never-give-up play of Crow and company. Rescuing Brandan Saad, the greatest dog ever, at the start of the playoffs, and watching the Hawks advance in every game with our new beloved dog by our side!

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