Do you find it hard to sit inside watching TV when you could be out flying and being powered by the sun?

I only watch TV at night.

After flight.

Yeah. I just like the noise.

Any best friends on the team so far?

I'm everybody's BFF. So I'm everybody's best friend, that day. Wherever you need me, I'm there. Hugs.


At this point, a member of the Bears' media relations staff walked over and told us that it was time for Bennett to go inside.

"Thanks man!" Bennett yelled to me as he walked away.

"Thanks Martellus," I said. "Nice to meet you."

He stopped at the door. "Make sure you put a cool picture of me up there," he said.

"I will be sure to tell them to do that."

"Photoshop some wings on me," he said. "And a unicorn horn. So I look like a griffin unicorn."

"Griffin unicorn," I shouted to him as he ducked inside. "We got you."

Jack M Silverstein covers the Bears for RedEye. Say hey @readjack.

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