Big time sunburned. I actually forgot to bring my sunscreen today.

You could use a little color though.

I know. I've been inside sick for quite some time.

[Laughs.] The sun just came out man! I'm solar-powered, so I like it when the sun's out.

So you're solar-powered –


And you can fly. What else do I need to know?

That's pretty much it.

[Points to Bennett's tattoos] You've got music notes on your neck.

I make beautiful music. I'm like a mixture of Jesus and Fergie. (Laughs.)

Do you play instruments?

I did, growing up. I played trombone, trumpet, and clarinet. But don't tell nobody.

I mean, I'm going to tell everyone everything that you're saying right now.

That's cool. I think I've told them before as well. (Pauses) I've done a lot of shit. I just like to try stuff.

So what's up next? What are you most excited about for living in Chicago?

Just making connections. There are a lot of creative companies around I'm trying to connect with. We've been working on a couple new cartoons that I've written and designed for. So this will be the next thing, just connecting with creative companies and getting in with the rest of the nerds around. The geeks.

Have you talked to Lance Briggs and Israel Idonije about that?

No, I haven't. They kind of do different stuff from me. I'm more Adult Swim-type stuff. They do more comics.

What's your favorite Adult Swim show?

Probably "American Dad." My collection's probably "Bob's Burgers," "American Dad," "Family Guy," "Regular Show," "Dexter's Laboratory." It's a long list. I like cartoons.