I love Chicago. I think it's a place that has a lot to offer. My wife's a makeup artist, so it's a great place for her downtown. We'll go downtown, great food, great places. I just low key hang out. You might see me down in your neighborhood. I do a lot of biking, so there are a lot of trails I can ride the bike on, which has been fun. Other than that, it's just been – it's like a slower New York, you know?

How much time had you spent in Chicago prior to coming here?


Was there anything on your list of first things you wanted to see?

I don't really make lists. I'm a nomad. I just kind of float around, and wherever I end up that day, that's what I find out about.

Do you take the L?

The train? No.

How do you float around?

My legs. Sometimes I fly.

Have you been working on flight since birth, or is that something that came along later?

Well, I have superpowers. When I was 5, I developed the ability to fly.

What were the pitfalls of that that you had to fight through?

Just knowing when to fly so you're not noticed by that many people. And just getting around. Air traffic.

Do you fly at night?

Most of the time.

I do most of my flying at night.

Yeah, it's cool. You don't want to be too close to the sun.

That's one of the things that first-time flyers always mess up. They start going toward it.

Especially white guys. Y'all get sunburned.