Presenting: The All-(fill in the blank) Team

The Bulls were in an almost-must-win situation against Miami on Monday at the United Center. Win, and they turn it into a best-of-three series. Lose, and they're practically sunk with Game 5 on Wednesday in Miami.

Well, it was the second scenario that unfolded, as the Heat won 88-65.

Even though they couldn't reclaim momentum from the Heat, the Bulls got good news Monday when Joakim Noah was voted onto the NBA's All-Defensive first team. The center is Chicago's first All-Defensive first-team selection since Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in 1997-98.

Not that the honors need to stop there. Here is our All-(fill in the blank) Team from Game 4:


LeBron James

Let's face it, the guy is just plain getting it done. Hence the [bleep]—that's what all his opponents are saying when he's done with them.



Tom Thibodeau

It's a tough look to pull off, but from certain angles the Bulls coach makes it appear, er, somewhat passable, for a guy refusing to accept he's losing it up top.


All-Gimme That!

Carlos Boozer

The Bulls forward yelled "Gimme that!" several times Monday after pulling down a rebound. Even when there was no one else around. At least his voice was getting a workout.


All-Where Did He Come From?

Richard Hamilton

Tom Thibodeau must have felt backed into a corner. He put Richard Hamilton in during the second quarter, hoping for any sort of a spark. He did finally score his first points of the postseason and give the Bulls a spark, but they really needed a wildfire.


All-Fashion Forward

Derrick Rose

So what if D-Rose arguably is the healthiest guy on the team, but still hasn't deemed himself ready to play. He looks awfully sharp in those suits—and way better than LeBron in that orange sweater or D-Wade in those flowery jackets.


All-Silver Lining

Jimmy Butler

No matter what happens in this series, the Bulls know moving forward that they have a huge piece of the puzzle in Butler. At just 23 years old, he's got a lot of years left to chase LeBron all over the court, too.


All-15 Minutes Might Be Over

Nate Robinson

We'll preface this by saying the Bulls would not have gotten this far without Nate Robinson. That said, he shot 0-for-12 through three quarters, including an airball. It was a good run, Nate.


All-Hockey Player

Marco Belinelli

He isn't the only Bull with distinctive facial hair, but Belinelli's beard is just unkempt enough to pass for one of the Blackhawks. Except Patrick Sharp, of course. Nobody's THAT good-looking.


All-Right Place Wrong Time

Marquis Teague

This is Monday's game in a nutshell: Early in the fourth quarter, Bulls guard Marquis Teague put his hands up to break up a Miami pass in the lane. And he tipped in to his own basket. You just shrug at that point.

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