Stoic: On consecutive possessions, James hits a 3 and Wade gets free for tomahawk dunk. All of the sudden the Heat lead 49-38.

Stoic: By the end of the quarter, it's all going the Heat's way, as they're knocking down open shots at will. Ugh.

Score: Heat 55, Bulls 41



Stoic: James finds Wade for an alley-oop dunk to put the Heat ahead 60-41. Not even a high-five.

Whiny: James gets smacked three times on the way to the hoop. He's probably upset he couldn't get three foul calls on one play.

Stoic: Halfway through the quarter, Wade lays it in to give the Heat a 21-point lead. LeBron is beaming ear to ear. On the inside.

Stoic: James claps after Udonis Haslem ties up Cook for a jump ball. He's clapping his hands!

Stoic: James drops a behind-the-back pass in the lane to Ray Allen, who hits it and converts a three-point play. Then he assists on the team's last two baskets of the period. Dude, you can stop showing up now. The outcome is no longer in doubt.

Score: Heat 85, Bulls 56



Um, yeah, no need to waste words here. It's 1-1, going back to Chicago.

Final score: Heat 115, Bulls 78

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