1. Let's have your best trash talk for the Miami Heat.
Marc Silverman: Eat my spicy meatballs.
Pete McMurray: Paaaahh-leeeze let this go seven games.
Bear Jordan: If the Miami Heat win, I will maul the entire team. I'm not kidding.
Elliott Serrano: Yo LeBron! I'm gonna take your momma to a nice seafood dinner then not call her again!
Sarah Spain: Uh ... let us win or Nate will puke on you?
2. What will be different about Bulls-Heat this time around?
Marc Silverman: The first 15,000 fans entering the UC on Friday will receive a spinal tap.
Pete McMurray: We're missing one superstar player. Can you guess which one?
Bear Jordan: Nate Robinson will dunk on LeBron. Still not kidding.
Elliott Serrano: This time Derrick Rose is going to wear a nice suit while he watches the games.
Sarah Spain: The role of "Derrick Rose" will be played by Nate Robinson in tonight's performance.
3. Getting your head stepped on during an NBA game is like ...
Marc Silverman: ... being a Cubs fan.
Pete McMurray: ... watching Marmol blow another game.
Bear Jordan: ... me tapping you on the head. I have strong paws.
Elliott Serrano: ... realizing that "The Return" won't happen until next season.
Sarah Spain: ... getting your head stepped on in any other circumstance -- not that awesome.
4. What worries you most about the Blackhawks-Wild series?
Marc Silverman: Which innocent broadcaster will the team fire next?
Pete McMurray: If I'll be able to get tickets to the Blackhawks in Round 2.
Bear Jordan: That Brandon Bollig will run out of players to beat up.
Sarah Spain: Staying awake till the end of all four Blackhawks wins.
5. Kristin Cavallari is dressing herself and her son in matching outfits. Discuss.
Marc Silverman: Have the Wrigleyville rooftop owners approved this change in wardrobe?
Pete McMurray: Isn't her 15 minutes over yet?
Bear Jordan: RAAAWWWRRRR! Can't she at least choose a shirt with my face on it?
Elliott Serrano: As long as they don't end up running a motel together one day ...
Sarah Spain: He can walk in stilettos already? Impressive!