4:13: Post. Post. Post. The Bulls need a bucket but won't listen to me, while b11 eats them alive inside.

2:48: That's my boy @nate_robinson. Shoot first, apologize later. Nah, j/k. No apologies.

1:22: Y'all see that dunk by deng? Even better pass from @joakimnoah. #yourmovedwighthoward

0:00: STONE COLD 3 by C.J. Watson! Reminds me of me.

0:00: Halftime! plz tell me beyonce's doin the show. Hell I'll take blue ivy. When the sexy nurse coming to wash my ass?

Score: Bulls 47, Nets 46



10:10: Sweet 3 by hinrich. just a slap in the face to the d.

9:55: Noah just busted up b11 goin to the lane… hey where did @drose get that powder blue suit? Is that a real gold tie? ha!

8:00: Foul fest foul fest foul fest.

7:02: Hey hinrich you are a GUARD. You cant be shooting 0 for 3 from the ft line. Bench em Thibs.

6:15: Nazy Mohammed sighting. That dude is almost as old as I am. #aginggracefully

5:13: Luv @stacey21king calling these gms. I'm on the Booze Cruise! Though I prefer the Bryant Bus.

2:45: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! That's my Jimmy Butler impression after that strong flush. Waddya think?

Score: Bulls 69, Nets 57



11:34: I told y'all matador d doesn't work. Belinelli looked like the Flash on that drive.

9:38: Nate Robinson vs. hardwood. Hardwood wins every time. #thatsgonnahurttomorrow

7:32: Damn Robinson almost took that coach's head off with that pass. Borrow hinrich's goggles next time.

6:16: Boom! Noah slams it. This game has a "steal one" written all over it for us. I mean, for the bulls. Must be the painkillers tweeting.

4:11: Joe Johnson is the new frontrunner for the kobe award. #makinitrain

2:48: So THAT'S why the Bulls wouldn't trade Deng for me. Clutch. Oh so clutch.

0:00: Post. Post. Post. Noah. Boozer Deng. Can't. Be. Stopped. Why. Am I tweeting. In threes?

0:00: To tweet or not to tweet.. I CHOOSE not 2. Series tied going back to Chicago. My work is done here, Bulls fans. #dropsmic

Final score: Bulls 90, Nets 82

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