Any other funny stories about the penalty box?

Shaw: Actually, I do have a funny one that happened around the bench when I was still in Junior [Ontario Hockey League]. We were playing in Barrie [Ontario], I was with Niagara, and this one fan would just chirp us and chirp us all the time. We knew exactly where he sat, so before he got there one game, we went up and took two water bottles and soaked his entire seat. It was padded, so it kind of soaked up the water. We come out for the game and he’s sitting there and his pants are soaked and he’s got a plastic bag over his seat. We just started chirping him back, asking him how his seat was. He didn’t chirp us much after that.

I’ve also got a funny penalty-box story. When I played for Erie in the OHL [Ontario Hockey League], there was candy in the box. It was Starburst. One of my buddies got a penalty and he was in there, so his penalty was going to expire and there were only like 10 seconds left in the period. He stuffed his glove full of Starburst, but then he ended up getting out of the box and getting a breakaway. You could see the candy falling out of his glove while he was on the breakaway and it was pretty funny. That's the kind of stuff that happens in junior. You can't do that kind of stuff here.


So, were your parents "timeout" disciplinarians or paddlers?

Bollig: Uh, I was actually an angel when I was a little kid. I never had to deal with any of that stuff. We’ll keep it at that.

Shaw: I don’t think [Bollig] was an angel. I think he's lying there.

As for me, I was a belt guy. It was scary when Dad had it, but when Mom had it we just kind of laughed. Sometimes she'd say, "Go to your room," but me and my two brothers would just mess around in there. It never worked.

Does it work in the NHL?

Shaw: Oh, for sure. It's kind of scary looking over the bench seeing [Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville], especially if they score. You don't want to go back to the bench ... head down and whatnot. It's intimidating to get a penalty here. Even though we've got an amazing penalty kill, we've still got to stay out of the box.

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