If I had a time machine, and I went to June and returned with news that the Hawks did not win the Stanley Cup, what would be your best guess as to why that didn't happen?

OLCZYK: I think the politically correct way to say this would be the lack of execution, but I will say this from experience: the best teams don't always win championships. The team that gets on the best run and gets the most consistent goaltending usually wins the Stanley Cup.

BURSTEIN: Goaltending. Goaltending. Or injuries. One of the two.

HURST: Probably a lack of toughness. The team that won the Stanley Cup had the enforcers. They had the guys who were ready to fight if they needed it. And this team, other than Dan Carcillo, they really don't have the bruisers. They have a lot of really talented skaters, but in playoff hockey, you need somebody to go kick some butt every once in a while.

NASELIUS: Injuries. That's the only best guess I have. Somebody got an injury, tore a kneecap, threw an ACL out, couldn't play the game and they had to sub in for a weaker player. That's the only way I see them losing.

KALSETH: Probably they just ran out of gas. That's my fear. I'm projecting my fear into the future, but my fear at this point is that they are going to run out of gas too soon. So if they do not make the Stanley Cup, I'd say it's probably because of injuries or that they ran out of gas.

CORNIER: Maybe the pressure got to them and they're just burnt out. Right now they're playing well, but who's to say what they're going to do later on? Every team goes through a streak where they're not very good. No matter how good you are, it happens. So honestly, that wouldn't surprise me if you went over there and said they didn't win. I live in Chicago, man. [Laughs.] [Bleep] like that happens all the time.

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