Puck luck

1. What Blackhawks ritual have you adopted this season?
Clark Jones: Adopting the philosophy that you can't win without some good wingmen.
Pat Tomasulo: I've gone 22 straight days without working a full week.
Scott Bolohan: I play "Chelsea Dagger" after every time I score (in theory).
Mick Swasko: Traditional. Haven't trimmed my beard. I know what my mustache tastes like.
Angi Taylor: Not shaving my legs during the winning streak -- my version of a playoff beard.
2. Patrick Kane is not opposed to playing double shifts. Discuss.
Clark Jones: I've seen the spring break photos. I trust he can handle anything two at a time.
Pat Tomasulo: He's gotta feed his family.
Scott Bolohan: In this economy he's just grateful to have a job.
Mick Swasko: Look, have we ever been surprised Kaner's had trouble saying no to anything?
Angi Taylor: Pretty noble considering I NEVER ask to work a double. Does he get time and a half?
3. Now that Derrick Rose is watching games from the bench ...
Clark Jones: ... Nate Robinson should be able to hear him say "stop shooting!" a little better.
Pat Tomasulo: ... next he'll be dunking from the bench while cutting. Then he comes back.
Scott Bolohan: ... his lumbar should be ready to watch playoff games from the bench.
Mick Swasko: ... I'm surprised @derrickschair isn't a parody Twitter account.
Angi Taylor: ... let's hope his suits are like the tear-away sweats and he's wearing his jersey underneath.
4. What's Joakim Noah's secret to his latest roll?
Clark Jones: He preheats his jumper to about 350 degrees. #onaroll
Pat Tomasulo: Joakim Noah has never rolled anything, be quiet.
Scott Bolohan: Margarine.
Mick Swasko: Doritos Locos Tacos, six before every game.
Angi Taylor: No more pregame "brownies"?
5. How can you tell NFL free agency is around the corner?
Clark Jones: Sam Hurd should be making the front pages soon.
Pat Tomasulo: Anthony Adams released another Web video.
Scott Bolohan: There's no talk of the Bears addressing their offensive line.
Mick Swasko: Brett Favre is furiously working his arms, sobbing alone in an empty gym.
Angi Taylor: Spice Adams is getting ready to start to diet ... Next Week Doe.
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