Do this NU thing right, Wrigley

Thanks to a deal announced Tuesday, Northwestern will use Wrigley Field for home football games and other sports for the next half decade. Here's how they can make everything goes smoothly.

Mind the walls: Playing the Northwestern-Illinois football game at Wrigley in 2010 was cool, but sharing one end zone because of poor planning was not.
Play to Wrigley's “strengths”: Make sure the visitors are stuck with the smaller locker room. FYI, that’s where to release the rats, if Ozzie Guillen was telling the truth ... 

Keep Roger Bossard on call: We’ve all seen how ugly Soldier Field turf can be in the fall. Consult Bossard, aka the White Sox's "Sodfather" to make sure if someone twists an ankle, it's from chasing Wildcats QB Kain Colter.

Deep-six the purple paint: Let’s not paint over the classic red Wrigley marquee, please.

Make it the permanent site for NU vs. Illinois: Big bucks, big rivalry, and hey maybe the game will be worth watching one of these years!

Respect tradition: Attention, Wildcats baseball fans. If the opposing team hits a home run, that ball is ejected back onto the field, no questions asked.

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