Wrigley Field would make a great coliseum

Is this what Chicago has come to? A family business willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of its own money to rehabilitate its own worn-down facility has to worry about possibly embarrassing politicians?

It's not as if some Ricketts family member ever dared suggest that President Barack Obama doesn't know how to deal with the economy except to make it worse.

If a Chicago business owner made a mistake like that, he'd probably have to send hostages to the Rahmfather on bended knee, to plead mercy and vow fealty, like the nobles are compelled to bow before the evil little king on "Game of Thrones."

But this is reality we're talking about.

It's Ricketts' money he's playing with. Not mine. Not yours. It's his business.

For example, if I opened a butcher shop and called it John's Meats & Various Cheeses, and paid my butchers Joe, Eddie, Tom and Old School to join me in wearing leopard-print Speedos as we cut ribs and chops, that would be my business.

OK, OK, I'd first make sure we'd wax the chunks of back hair. After all, we are dealing with food.

But dressing middle-aged butchers in Speedos is no business of anyone but the customer and the business owner. Same goes for the Cubs and their business.

"Nothing's changed from the Ricketts perspective," said Dennis Culloton, the family's public relations guy, when I called him to find out if the piercing primal screams of pain came from him after Ricketts' talk.

"Anyone who doubts their commitment to saving Wrigley and staying on the North Side of Chicago hasn't been paying attention to the last several months of negotiations," he said.

But, Dennis, I paid attention to what he said Wednesday. So did Cubs fans. Now you're walking it back?

"There's nothing to walk back," Culloton said. "It was an honest answer to the worst-case scenario."

But the demise of the ballpark isn't the worst-case scenario.

The worst-case scenario is this: loyal fans waiting another lifetime for their team to make it to the World Series.


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