Heat choke is the feel-good story of the year (unless you're the Bulls)

Where do the Bulls hide Carlos Boozer in those situations? On the bench, I guess. Again. What a Soriano-like financial disaster this is going to be.

And what’s the deal with Joakim Noah? Double-doubles, hustle, energy --- and then he can’t get off the bench in the fourth quarters because Omer Asik is a better option? What a Boozer-like financial disaster this might turn out to be.

Let’s not even discuss the new version of a Kyle Korver double-double: can’t his hit shots and can’t stop anybody at the other end.

I’m talking Mavericks now, but this goes for facing the Heat again, as well. The Mavericks did to the Heat what the Heat did to the Bulls: Took their most important player out of the game and whipped them with scoring all over the place.

The talk after the Bulls’ title hopes died was getting Rose some help. Specifically, a second scoring option who can create his own shot.

Boozer can get his own shot sometimes, but it always seems to be the 15-foot jumper that opponents encourage him to take. Luol Deng can’t create his own shot because nobody in the history of the NBA, I believe, has bought his ball fake.

What else you got? Tell you what, C.J. Watson might be second behind Rose in creating his own shot. Sick, huh?

But guess what? Even that one new addition wouldn’t be enough. Nowitzki, Terry and Marion can get their own shots. Even the creaky Kidd created some space and killed the Heat from distance. One guy won’t be enough for the Bulls. One guy might just make the pain of failure greater.

If anything, the Mavericks showed the Bulls they are worse off than they might’ve wanted to believe when their postseason ended. It should be troubling. It should cause much angst in Bullsville.

But somehow, nothing hurts much after James and Wade took their failures to South Beach.