“You know, I had a pasta bar for lunch and then I got a good nap in and I am feeling pretty good right now,” Webb said.

How did he feel about his performance after lunch and the nap?

“Well, I got a good stretch in before the game and that pasta bar, I think it really amped up my energy and came out and had a good game, had some fun, had a good game out there,” he replied.

Did he feel like he won starting job?

“Gotta look at the film and I think that addition to the chicken and the shrimp and the pasta, it really made it a good night,” he said.

Finally, Webb added that he would like a resolution to the process, and that surely will be coming soon. On the other side of the room, Chris Williams stated his case for the job.

“I played OK,” he said. “Just trying to carry practice over to the game and continue to get better, build to Week 1.”

Webb and Spencer played for the first four series of the game. They wound up with considerably more playing time than Williams and Chilo Rachal, strong evidence which way the coaching staff is leaning.

“I had planned on (playing before the fifth series),” Williams said. “I don’t know what happened. Coach decides who goes in and I don’t know if he was going off a play count or what. I am OK with how I performed. I need to get better at some certain things so there is always room for improvement. It’s still preseason.”

Does he think he will be the starter Sept. 9 against the Colts?

“Yeah, I think I will,” Williams said. “But that is out of my hands. The game is over now. I did all I can do. We’ll see.”

And we didn’t even have to listen to what he had for lunch.

Neither player had glaring problems over the past two games when they shared time, with Webb getting a longer run with the starters. Webb has been in the starting position and faced with a challenge, he didn’t fall on his face. It will be interesting to see what kind of shape the line takes in the first month of the season.

3. It’s far from foolproof but one good way to get an indication of how the bottom of the roster will shake out is to see what the depth chart looks like on special teams. Dave Toub isn’t going to fill the first team with players that are not in consideration for jobs in the regular season, not in the third exhibition game. Is every player listed on an inside path to a job? Probably not. Injuries have forced some changes early on with the losses of Dom DeCicco and Brandon Hardin and the reshuffling of some depth charts. Here is how special teams looked at the start of the game:

Kickoff: TE Evan Rodriguez, LB Blake Costanzo, LB Geno Hayes, CB D.J. Moore, LB J.T. Thomas, WR Rashied Davis, WR Dane Sanzenbacher, K Robbie Gould, CB Tim Jennings, WR Eric Weems, S Anthony Walters

Kickoff return: WR Earl Bennett, TE Kyle Adams, TE Evan Rodriguez, LB J.T. Thomas, S Anthony Walters, WR Dane Sanzenbacher, WR Eric Weems, LB Blake Costanzo, S Craig Steltz, LB Geno Hayes, DE Corey Wootton.

Punt: TE Evan Rodriguez, LB Nick Roach, WR Dane Sanzenbacher, RB Harvey Unga, RB Armando Allen, LS Pat Mannelly, P Ryan Quigley, LB Blake Costanzo, LB Geno Hayes, WR Rashied Davis, S Anthony Walters.

Punt return: WR Devin Hester, CB Charles Tillman, CB Jonathan Wilhite, S Craig Steltz, LB Blake Costanzo, WR Earl Bennett, DE Corey Wootton, LB Geno Hayes, WR Eric Weems, S Anthony Walters, LB Nick Roach.

Analysis: There are not a lot of big conclusions to draw but Rodriguez and Thomas showed up well in previous games. Walters and Sanzenbacher also appear to be very much in the mix. I highly doubt Unga figures as a roster possibility.

4. It was a rough night at the office for cornerback Charles Tillman, who was called for two pass interference penalties, one in the end zone that set up Andre Brown’s one-yard touchdown run. Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw at Tillman repeatedly with success, which is a primary reason why Tillman was credited in press box statistics with a game-high 10 tackles.